About Baby Basics

The concept of the program Baby Basics originated from an organization in southern New Jersey, which was providing support to low income and welfare families. In founding the first Baby Basics program in 1992, the determination was made to limit the scope of the program to only those who are working and not receiving welfare. Before I began Baby Basics, in depth research went into assessing community support for working poor families. My research found that no organization was providing a basic hygienic necessity, diapers, on a consistent basis. Baby Basics was founded to fill this unmet need.

However, Baby Basics is much more than just a diaper distribution program. It is our mission to provide a supportive atmosphere and community for these hard working families. We call this kindness. Research shows that one of the four major factors of child abuse is a sense of isolation. Baby Basics strives to provide a connection to a caring community with support, a listening ear and a safe place to share daily struggles and successes thus diluting the sense of isolation for these struggling families.

Our gifts of diapers and kindness would not be possible without financial support from individuals, foundations and organizations. We are grateful to each person who supports us as we do this important work.

Board of Directors

J. Richard Lynch – President
Corporate lawyer: Labor lawyer for large corporation; Adjunct Professor, NYU; Masters of Law, JD

Jean Ann Lynch – Vice President
Founder of Baby Basics; President of Baby Basics of Collier County; BS, Volunteer Management; Consultant

John Meyer – Treasurer

Severn Taylor – Accountant

Development – Wayne Anthworth
Development consultant