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Baby Basics of Baby Basics, Inc. – South Boston, Needham & Dedham, MA is a 100% volunteer

organization that provides and distributes free diapers to babies of the working/near poor in the communities of South Boston, Needham and Dedham, MA. Since 1997 we have served over

1,000 babies, providing diapers and kindness to those in need.

Baby Basics, Inc. is proud to serve eligible, working, low-income families in South Boston, Needham & Dedham,  MA who are working hard to provide or their families. It is our privilege, thanks to the generous support of our donors, to provide them with a basic  hygienic necessity, diapers, free of cost each month. The families we serve  know that they can count on us to be a constant in their lives month in and  month out and that having enough diapers to change their babies as often as  needed is one less thing that they have to worry about.

Address: PO Box 920507
Needham, Massachusetts 02492
Phone: 617-305-6899

Why I support Baby Basics

It’s important to help support these struggling families, who are trying to help themselves, by providing a basic necessity.


This is our first donation but we felt strongly that we wanted to start supporting Baby Basics.  Having just had our third baby, we are reminded of how frequently babies need to be changed and how a dry diaper is so important to a happy baby. We are also believers that a dry diaper is critical to so many bigger things – potential parental stress, the breaking point that a fussy baby can push tired parents to, and the dynamics in families this can lead to. We are so grateful for our ability to give our children comfort, and hope this helps the families you serve. Thanks for the work you do!


How Diapers and Kindness Changed My Life

In a time of financial inconsistency, Baby Basics has been a constant. Baby Basics is a part of the circle that helps families survive.

Program Participant

It has been a huge help. Diapers are so expensive and not having to buy them allowed me to buy other important things for my children, like food and clothes. Words can’t express how much I have appreciated Baby Basics. The volunteers are all so friendly. I will miss the help and kindness that Baby Basics has given me. It truly made a huge difference in my life and I am extremely grateful.

Program Participant