Become a recipient

Baby Basics affiliates are nonprofit volunteer organizations that provide and distribute free diapers and kindness to children of the working/near poor families in their communities. Our goal is to provide a caring environment, with a listening ear, and as needed, referrals for help. We call this kindness.

Baby Basics works closely with social service agencies who help to identify candidates for our program.


Each referral agent uses the following guidelines to screen for our program:

  1. Parent(s)/guardian(s) must reside in the designated community selected by the each affiliate.
  2. At least one parent/guardian must be working
  3. Parent(s)/guardian(s) must meet established financial guidelines (For example, the WIC guidelines)
  4. Parent(s)/guardian(s) do not receive any federal or state cash assistance
  5. The child is three or less than three years old

Once a family is enrolled in our program, they need to ensure that they:

  1. Stay connected with us
  2. Call if they can’t make a distribution
  3. Do not miss more than 2 consecutive distributions without notification


Families are required to notify us if any of the criteria which qualified them for the program has changed and must follow the criteria for staying in the program. Failure to do so will result in immediate removal from the program, so that we can make room for babies on our waiting list.

If you meet this criteria and would like to be referred to our program, please contact us by using our contact us page.